Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Next First Lady?

I kind of love Michelle Obama. In case you missed it, Michelle Obama was on The View recently and seemed to have her stuff together.

Michelle, who has supposedly undergone an "image makeover," has softened her image, and is emphasizing family and upbringing more. Point in case: She's now on the cover of People magazine, talking about the Sex and the City movie and her love of Target.

She's graduated from Harvard Law School, was VP at the University of Chicago and works in the health care field. Check. Check. Check.

Husbands aside, Michelle has definitey peaked my interest. I can definitely say that I do not like Cindy McCain (see older post on her).

My only hangup is that people are suddenly comparing her to Jackie O. Oh no you di'int!Nobody (and I mean nobody) compares to the goddess that is Jackie O.

The end.

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