Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sex & Politics: Toxic and Delicious

In the newest issue of Vanity Fair, Michael Wolff's article entitled "It's the Adultery, Stupid" discusses politics and sex and our fascination with the two.
"Politics is now about sex. Not just scandalous sex, not just who is having what kind of sex, but what we think about the sex each politician is having, or not having. Sex (sex, not gender) in politics is as significant a subtext as race."

Wolff argues that it all started with Mark Foley, who was caught doing the naughty with congressional pages. Yikes.

"Sex has become a political metaphor."

When a middle-aged male politician has sex with somebody other than his middle-aged wife, does it mean that the politician is self-destructive and risky?

The days of J.F.K.'s spicy affairs were generally kept secret because men protected other men. These days politician's sexual escapades are sheer entertainment.

The only question left is, is it any of our business?

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