Tuesday, February 5, 2008

America's First Lady?

What better way to start a blog than to dive head-first into some of America's finest big-shots, wannabes, and has-beens; John McCain and his trainwreck of a wife, Cindy McCain! As the election draws closer, I think it's time to take a closer look at the women (and men!) that stand by their presidential-hopeful spouses.

The Times came out with a curious article about Cindy and her less-than-perfect past that I thought was worth noting. John and Cindy have, somehow, emerged as a powerful political couple despite a closet full of skeletons. Let's recap! A former rodeo beauty queen and millionaire's daughter, Cindy met John when she was 25 (note: John was 43) at a cocktail party. John was well into his political career and still married to his first wife when Cindy caught John's eye.

It was in the late 80's when Cindy began stealing perscription painkillers from a charity that she created. It wasn't until 1994 that Cindy fessed up about her sticky fingers and her addiction to painkillers after federal agents began investigating gaps in the charity's records.

I suppose it has been a few years since Cindy has been in hot-water, but I wonder if America is ready for the likes of Cindy McCain in the White House. These days Cindy is actively involed in Operation Smile as well as several other organizations. That's all fine and dandy, just make sure she's not keepin' the books!


Gino said...

At least Cindy didn't a) lie on national television and b) lie on national television.

warriorwriter said...

Meghan McCain apparently has something to say too.

Mike said...

Besides the fact that Cindy looks like a washed up transvestite, she is also a dirty Republican. Allow me to elaborte based on the comment posted by Gino. "lie on national televison." *Fake applause* Congratulations, Gino, you've just managed to repeat the SAME(lame) Republican argument that the conservatives have been using for years. It's apparently the only intelligence the Republican party has because it's been the only defense during the whole Bush era.
"W has the lowest presidential rating ever."
"At least he didn't lie on TV."

"We're in a useless war that's costing billions because W has to finish what his father couldn't and we're losing troops and money. He messed up."
"At least he didn't lie on TV."

Here's a bit of information for you, oh intelligent Republican. Your buddy DID lie. And on TV. He told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, yet we (after years) STILL haven't found them. Hmm, interesting.

So to finish this up, let's break it down. Democratic president lies about getting head. Republican president lies about a country having nucular...(oooooor NUCLEAR if you know how to speak English correctly) weapons, thus starting a war that has claimed over 4,000 American lives and cost us billions of dollars.

Repubs...0. Dems...1.

And even though Cindy looks like a transvestite, at least her eyes aren't as close together as Laura's.