Friday, June 20, 2008


Folks, tomorrow I am embarking on a three week adventure throughout Europe. Jelly?

That being said, I'll be a bit M.I.A. for the next few weeks.

Happy Summer!

Bon voyage!

More blogging upon my return!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Next First Lady?

I kind of love Michelle Obama. In case you missed it, Michelle Obama was on The View recently and seemed to have her stuff together.

Michelle, who has supposedly undergone an "image makeover," has softened her image, and is emphasizing family and upbringing more. Point in case: She's now on the cover of People magazine, talking about the Sex and the City movie and her love of Target.

She's graduated from Harvard Law School, was VP at the University of Chicago and works in the health care field. Check. Check. Check.

Husbands aside, Michelle has definitey peaked my interest. I can definitely say that I do not like Cindy McCain (see older post on her).

My only hangup is that people are suddenly comparing her to Jackie O. Oh no you di'int!Nobody (and I mean nobody) compares to the goddess that is Jackie O.

The end.

Would You Drive This?

Driving today is a beyotch. With gas prices at ten gazillion dollars a gallon, I can barely afford to drive anymore. I know, you too.

What if somebody paid for your gas? And threw in an extra $500 a month?

Did I peak your interest?

This CNN article could be your salvation at the pump.

" might be the most extreme example of how companies are helping employees during the current gas crunch. But with gas averaging more than $4 a gallon, more and more companies are trying to figure out incentives to help ease the pain at the pump for their employees."

So, it's basically a huge sticker that goes on your car. There are a few rules though: 1) Your car cannot be older than three years. 2) Employees must take a driving class and have a clean driving record.

Sign me up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Haikus

I'm submitting a few fashion haikus for this lovely little contest.

Marc Jacobs is whack
For using Mrs. Beckham
Her spray tan is blinding me!

Dear Prada wallet,
Mommy likely so much
So pick me or else!

Oh, Betsey Johnson!
Your whimsical ruffles and
Pleats delight me so!

Victoria B
You scare the shit outta me
Lay off the Mystic Tan!

Oh, I must confess
Prada warms my ice-cold heart
So, send it my way!

Ok, so I'm not a poet. So sue me. Wish me luck though!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Honor of Same-Sex Marriage

In honor of the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, here's Jagged Edge's "Meet Me At the Altar."

Too funny.

Fashion Haiku Anybody?

So, who is good at writing haikus? You know, a three line poem, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second line, and five in the last.

Well, this lovely blog is giving away a Prada wallet to the best haiku about fashion.

I think I'm going to write about Marc Jacobs' use of Victoria "The Alien" Beckham in his newest advertisements. Or maybe about what a fox Marc Jacobs is. Gay or not; hes fine.

I'll keep you posted on my haiku's progess. I want that wallet.

Same Sex Marriage Legalized in California

Holy crap!

Today is the first day in California that same-sex marriages are legal. Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples made appointments today to secure their marriage licenses.

Massachusetts, which legalized same-sex marriage in 2004 has a residency requirement to obtain a marriage license. California does not!

I'm thinking this is going to be like the great migration West; gays and lesbians are going to be moving West to tie the knot.

While there are plenty of protesters, CNN reports that supporters are out-numbering the protesters.

I am so thrilled about this. It is about time.


I hate calling customer service and not being able to talk to a real person. Even more than that, I hate that there often is not even the option to speak with a non-automated 'person.'

After spending half an hour on the phone with Paypal trying to find the menu option to talk to a real person, I did a little bit of investigation.

Here's an extremely helpful website of popular companies and their cheat sheet on how to talk to a real human being.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Say Hello to the New Face of Chanel

Yes, it's Harry Potter's very own Emma Watson replacing none other than Keira Knightley as the new face of Chanel.

I find this new selection to be divine for several reasons.

Keira Knightley (aka: Skeletor) is over-rated and under-fed.

Furthermore, in a world where the Miley Cyrus' and Jamie Lynn Spears' are flashing their naughty bits all over town and getting knocked up, Emma Watson is an incredibly chic, intelligent and modest 18 year-old.

Watson signed a $6 million deal with Chanel.

"Emma has been slowly integrated into the Chanel brand. They have been dressing her for film premieres and parties over recent months to see if she is the right fit. Once it became clear she is growing into a beautiful young woman and wears the Chanel brand so elegantly, they had to sign her up."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just Say Prune!

I kind of love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I kind of hate them too.

That being said, this just cracks me up.

A MSNBC article reveals that MK and Ashley's weird "smiles" are the result of saying the word "prune" each time they pose. Literally. Prune.

"Another source close to the Olsens could not confirm the precise word they use as their smile trigger, but says their smiles are keys to their identity. They do care about their smiles though. Mary-Kate has slightly thinner lips and more of a playful grin, while Ashley tends to go for a full-on pout. It has been the obvious way to tell them apart for years.”

Is this supposed to be a joke? Next time you're in a photo-opt, just say PRUNE!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Washington D.C.'s 10 Best Dressed

I have a bone to pick with Washingtonian Magazine, who recently featured an article that immediately peaked my interest; "Well Dressed Woman of 2007."

"Oh, I can't wait to see all the impecibly dressed women," I thought. Plus, D.C. is not exactly known for it's fashion so I'm stoked about the article. Naturally.

First of all, the article is more like an advertisement for Saks Fifth Avenue, who nearly all ten of women rave about.

Second, overall most of the women pictured are dressed rather plainly. Cute-ish, but plain. The woman pictured above, for example, is dressed in every other outfit from Express or New York and Company, whatever. Rachel Cothran claims to love vintage stores like The Remix and Annie Creamcheese so why not model your vintage duds?

That's all I'm sayin'.

However, I do really like that the article features some very successful and interesting women over 30. Represent!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

J.Lo Rocks D.C.

Miss Jenny from the Block was spotted in our block, Washington D.C., just today.

La Lopez was spotted going into Sen. Barack Obama's office.

When asked what she was doing in Washington D.C., she smiled behind her oversized sunglasses.

Rumors are flying that J.Lo will be writing a song for/about Obama.

Is J.Lo writing a campaign song for Obama? Is J.Lo endorsing Obama? What the hell is going on here?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Online Shopping Codes

Like most women I love to shop. I even partake in some online shopping every so often. Sure, shopping is my cardio but sometimes it's worth it to shop online just to avoid the lines and obnoxious 14-year old girls.

I also love a good deal so naturally, I was delighted to stumble across this website chock-full of promotional codes for your favorite online stores.

This website too!

Check it out next time you decide you have to have those new sandals, or what have you.

You're welcome.

Size 16 Girl Reaches Miss England Final!

Chloe Marshall, size 16, has just been named Miss Surrey. As the winner of Miss Surrey, Chloe is now in the running to be the next Miss England.

"Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I'm a curvy brunette. I want to show it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard size zero," Chloe said.

Chloe's success comes as the debate about super-skinny models continues. This debate was sparked last year as Luisel Ramos and Ana carolina both died from heart failure after starving themselves.

These deaths promoted some fashion big-wigs to ban underweight models.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Vlogger I Stumbled Upon

This is a new video blogger I stumbled upon on YouTube. She has a whole mess of video blogs, on varying topics. I like this topic though because she seems very genuine in her goals and ambitions. Here's a list I made a few years ago. A 'Bucket List,' if you will. I'm happy to announce that I'm able to cross some things off my list. Can you guess which ones?

1. Travel to Egypt and visit the pyramids.

2. Go to Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween and learn about the witch trials.

3. Visit New York City during “Fleet Week”; go to the party and flirt with a sailor.

4. Witness somebody actually slipping on a banana peel (Sophia knows how much I love this).

5. Backpack through Europe.

6. Go on a vineyard tour and make my own wine; grape stomping and all.

7. Marry a man that I can't live without and raise a family that I love and loves me in return.

8. Tan and swim nude at a nude beach.

9. Attend a runway fashion show in NYC, Paris or Milan.

10. Grow a wildflower or vegetable garden in my backyard.

11. Visit the “Seven Wonders of the World.”

12. Swim with sharks. They’re totally scary and fascinating.

13. Star in a play.

14. Create an original piece of art that I love.

15. Ride the world’s largest rollercoaster.

16. Go on a college-cliché spring-break trip where I will party all night and sleep all day with lots of friends and lots of booze.

17. Stay at Schloss Hohenstein in Germany.

18. Design a line of clothing.

19. Cross the Mexican border and spend the night drinking tequila and listening to Mariachi music.

20. Attend a protest about something I am passionate about.

21. Visit Walden Pond in Massachusetts.

22. Have one of my cards created by Hallmark.

23. Get a psychic reading.

24. See the Northern Lights.

25. Go to Las Vegas, watch cheesy shows and gamble away my money.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Biblical-Themed Amusement Park to Open

I thought this was a joke but apparently a biblical-themed amusement park is set to open in Germany in 2012, reports Yahoo News.

The centerpiece of the park will be a 'life-sized' ark from Noah's Ark.

So, exactly how big is the 'life sized' ark? 490 feet to be exact.
How they know the exact dimensions, I don't know.

"Other attractions will include two roller coasters -- one giving an idea of the Great Flood and another on the theme of heaven and hell."

Buy your tickets early, folks. You don't want to miss the life-sized Noah's Ark!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You!

So, I realize my blog has been a little SATC-heavy lately but here I go again. "He's Just Not That Into You," the infamous quote from the hilarious SATC episode is set to be released October 24th. Here's the trailer!


Karma (Police)

In light of recent events in my life, I would like to take a moment to share with you one of my favorite songs; Karma Police by Radiohead.

What goes around comes around. Remember that!

Sex & Politics: Toxic and Delicious

In the newest issue of Vanity Fair, Michael Wolff's article entitled "It's the Adultery, Stupid" discusses politics and sex and our fascination with the two.
"Politics is now about sex. Not just scandalous sex, not just who is having what kind of sex, but what we think about the sex each politician is having, or not having. Sex (sex, not gender) in politics is as significant a subtext as race."

Wolff argues that it all started with Mark Foley, who was caught doing the naughty with congressional pages. Yikes.

"Sex has become a political metaphor."

When a middle-aged male politician has sex with somebody other than his middle-aged wife, does it mean that the politician is self-destructive and risky?

The days of J.F.K.'s spicy affairs were generally kept secret because men protected other men. These days politician's sexual escapades are sheer entertainment.

The only question left is, is it any of our business?

Monday, June 2, 2008

RIP Yves Saint Laurent

A tribute to the fashion pioneer, Yves saint Laurent who died Sunday at the age of 71 after battling brain cancer.

"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery." - YSL