Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Vlogger I Stumbled Upon

This is a new video blogger I stumbled upon on YouTube. She has a whole mess of video blogs, on varying topics. I like this topic though because she seems very genuine in her goals and ambitions. Here's a list I made a few years ago. A 'Bucket List,' if you will. I'm happy to announce that I'm able to cross some things off my list. Can you guess which ones?

1. Travel to Egypt and visit the pyramids.

2. Go to Salem, Massachusetts for Halloween and learn about the witch trials.

3. Visit New York City during “Fleet Week”; go to the party and flirt with a sailor.

4. Witness somebody actually slipping on a banana peel (Sophia knows how much I love this).

5. Backpack through Europe.

6. Go on a vineyard tour and make my own wine; grape stomping and all.

7. Marry a man that I can't live without and raise a family that I love and loves me in return.

8. Tan and swim nude at a nude beach.

9. Attend a runway fashion show in NYC, Paris or Milan.

10. Grow a wildflower or vegetable garden in my backyard.

11. Visit the “Seven Wonders of the World.”

12. Swim with sharks. They’re totally scary and fascinating.

13. Star in a play.

14. Create an original piece of art that I love.

15. Ride the world’s largest rollercoaster.

16. Go on a college-cliché spring-break trip where I will party all night and sleep all day with lots of friends and lots of booze.

17. Stay at Schloss Hohenstein in Germany.

18. Design a line of clothing.

19. Cross the Mexican border and spend the night drinking tequila and listening to Mariachi music.

20. Attend a protest about something I am passionate about.

21. Visit Walden Pond in Massachusetts.

22. Have one of my cards created by Hallmark.

23. Get a psychic reading.

24. See the Northern Lights.

25. Go to Las Vegas, watch cheesy shows and gamble away my money.

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