Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jon = K-Fed

Call me crazy, but Jon Gosselin is totally the new K-Fed.

I mean, the guy has a liter of children who he is seldomly seen with these days. He wears Ed Hardy. He takes vacations across the globe with his 20-something year old girlfriend. He's got ear piercings.

All I can say is "UGH!"

PS: I hate your pink sweatpants, Jon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DC Restaurant Week!

DC Restaurant Week's participating restaurants have been revealed to the masses! My fellow foodie-friend and I have made reservations for Vemillion in charming Old Town Alexandria.

Named one of Northern Virginia Magazine's 50 Best Restaurants, I am all too excited to sample Chef Anthony Chittum's delightful creations. Known for his seasonal ingredients and local suppliers, my expectations are pretty high!

Are you taking advantage of DC's Restaurant Week? If so, where will you be dining?

For a complete list of participating restaurants, click here.

Company Profits Off Of Adultery.

I recently heard about a very interesting business called The Ashley Madison Agency.

You may have seen their ad during The Super Bowl or heard about them on various talk shows such as Ellen or The View. Similar to, The Ashley Madison Agency is an online dating community. However, this community is specifically for married individuals. With the tag line, "Life is Short. Have an Affair" and "When Divorce Isn't An Option" this website has certainly caused a lot of commotion.

Do you think Ashley Madison will lead to more affairs? Would you ever consider using a site like this yourself if you were/are married? Are sites like these moral?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Positive Recap!

I have been having a "blah" week. I feel very emotionally and physically burnt out these last few days.

Taking a cue from my lovely friend Amy's recent blog, I decided to reflect on something positive. For instance, I am going to Busch Gardens this weekend (I love rollercoasters)! I'm also going to the Outter Banks in August and possibly to Dewey Beach for Labor Day weekend with some lovelies. Oh yes, and my one-year anniversary with Andrew is creeping up. Oh, and I had a very positive review at work recently.

I may be feeling "blah" recently but boy, I am a lucky girl for so many reasons. What are some positive things in your life? Pic: Me being pouty as a kid. Typical!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cell-Phone Etiquette.

I took a train ride this weekend and was surprised (no, shocked) at some cell-phone etiquette I observed. Or lack thereof! A European gentleman in his thirties had an hour long conversation about how the person on the other end owed his $50,000. Whoa. "When am I getting my money?!" he blurted out over and over again. Was I over-hearing a mafia transaction or something?

After an hour long of angry outbursts and sketchy conversation he was done. I thought to myself, "Wow, I feel so badly for the woman sitting next to him." That is, until she decided to partake in the same cell phone behavior herself! This middle aged woman proceeded to have a twenty-five minute conversation about how her son is suicidal and how the police were called the other day because she "feared for her own life." Wow. That's some heavy conversation considering we were sitting in a jammed-packed train.

Honestly, I am not interested in your phone conversations. I understand if you need to make a quick call, but this was really obnoxious. Thoughts?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Do you guys remember Teddy Grahams? Seriously,
how delicious were those things? Dunkaroos were pretty
amazing too. What kid-snacks do you miss? How about
Capri Suns? Gushers? Polly-O String Cheese?


So chic, no?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Romantic or Sad?

Sir Edward Downes, one of Great Britain's most beloved music conductors, died last week at the age of 85. Downes died along-side his 74 year-old wife, Joan Downes. How? Joan, in her final stages of terminal cancer, and Edward decided to end their lives together by drinking “a lethal cocktail of barbiturates provided by an assisted-suicide clinic” in Zurich, Switzerland. According to family and friends, Edward did not want to live without his wife whom he had been married to for over 50 years.

"On Friday, the children said, they watched, weeping, as their parents drank a small quantity of clear liquid before lying down on adjacent beds, holding hands. Within a couple of minutes they were asleep, and died within 10 minutes,” reports The New York Times.

I find this story hearfelt. Are stories like these romantic or terribly sad? How do you feel about assisted-suicide?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm going to New York City this weekend for a Yankees game,
a party and some awesome friends. Good thing too, cause I
am needing a change of scenery! Pic by yours truly.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Delicious (Pop) Tart!

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Lily Allen; the infamous British tart famous for running her mouth. I must admit I am loving her new video for "The Fear." The coloring of the video and its dreamy quality is delicious. Love that tart's hair-style too. Rock it out, Lily.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Holy hell, The September Issue, which documents the life of villain/fashion goddess Anna Wintour, is going to be nutso-good! I am so curious to see what Anna is like behind her over-sized sunglasses and icy stares. Her eyes are like icy daggers. Brrr, I'm cold just lookin' at her and I love it!

Real World DC

Ok, so I am kind of web-stalking the Real World DC cast. I mean, I'm not standing outside their apartment or anything (picture left), but I am following this blog.

If you love the senseless drama and hook-ups of Real World (Hello! First reality show of all time!) and live in the DC metro area then you must, must, must check out this fantastic Real World Update blog about the latest gossip on the cast and their whereabouts. Amazing. Check it out here! On a side note, who else is dying over the Real World Cancun?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Riddance!

Sarah Palin has resigned as the governor of Alaska. Good riddance, honey-pie!

PS: Her speech seemed a bit... rushed? Or was she nervous? Something. I can't put my finger on it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jackie O Inspired Bags.

Gucci has recently launched a new line of handbags inspired by style icon,
Jackie O. Heaven! However, I am wondering why they used this model.
She's so blonde. Nothing about this model screams Jackie O to me.

I will be taking up a collection for this new bag starting right meow. K, thanks.