Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leesburg Dealer Must Sell 40 Cars!

I stumbled upon this story on and realized, whoa, it's based out of Leesburg. Ray O'Bryhim of Chrysler-Dodge in Leesburg, Virginia has less than a week to sell 40 cars.

"On June 9, his franchise to sell new Chryslers and Dodges will be terminated, along with those of almost 800 other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers nationwide. This comes as a result of Chrysler's announcement last month that they would shrink their dealer base in the United States. O'Bryhim cannot legally sell any new cars he has left after June 9 -- and because the manufacturer is in bankruptcy protection it isn't obligated to take them back."

So, in other words if you need a new car and Chryslers and Dodge do you just fine then check out this dealership in Leesburg in the next few days. I would imagine the deals are nuts.

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Anonymous said...

We've been getting screwed by the American automakers for years. Now they get screwed by their own. It kinda figures...