Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cocaine Use Highest in DC.

Turns out that my very own beloved backyard, D.C., has the highest rate of cocaine use in the country, according to the Washington City Paper.

This report, by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is also reporting the D.C. is on the "top 5" list for marijuana and binge-drinking. Binge drinking, sure. Anybody who has ever spent a night in Adams Morgan and eaten Jumbo Slice among the drunken youths knows binge drinking is prevalent, but cocaine use? Wowza!

I'm sure there are plenty of rich politicos and socialites in D.C. who partake in hard drugs such as cocaine with their $100 bills, but this statistic is still a bit shocking to me! Is this surprising to you?

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Libby said...

this is absolutely not shocking to me. With the amount of politicians and colleges per square inch of this place I would be surprised if DC wasn't #1.

I bet we are number one in prositution also.

I love DC and I am not planning on moving any time soon. But I have to be honest, DC is just like NYC. accept NYC flaunts it and we keep it hidden behind our Vineyard Vines ties and Lilly Pulitzer dresses with pearls!