Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Reason Abercrombie Sucks.

A disabled student is suing Abercrombie for discrimination. Riam Dean, 22, who wears a prosthetic arm was asked to work in the stockroom because her arm did not fit into Abercrombie's image.

"After being told she had got the job she went along to an induction day where she was issued a 45-page handbook listing in minute detail the company's strict Look Policy. It stipulates that staff must represent a 'natural, classic American style' and instructs them on everything from how to wear their hair (clean and natural) to how long they should wear their nails (a quarter of an inch past the end of the finger). She was also given a uniform of jeans and a polo shirt, although the company handbook does state that sales associates can wear their own clothing as long as it is in 'Abercrombie style'. Miss Dean, who normally wears long-sleeved tops to disguise the join between her upper arm and artificial limb, says she was told to buy a plain white cardigan to wear over her uniform."

A few days into her new job, Dean was asked to take off her carigan. After explaining to the staff member that she had been given special permission to wear it, Dean was asked to leave the floor.

"I can't have you on the shop floor as you are breaking the Look Policy. Go to the stockroom immediately and I'll get someone to replace you."

Dean was asked whether she was okay with working in the stockroom until the winter uniforms arrived and that was where she drew the line. Dean is now seeking damages of £25,000.

I am just completely disgusted by this. I have never bought a single article of clothing from Abercrombie and I sure as hell am not going to now.

Thanks to Julian for the heads-up on this article.


Molly said...

Who wouldn't want to pay prices like that to look like everyone else?

Yay conformity!

Libby said...

why would they hire her to begin with if they thought a prostitic arm would be a problem?