Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Has Justice Been Served?

Chris Brown has been sentenced with 180 days of hard labor and five years probation. In addition, Brown isn't to have any contact with Rihanna. Obviously. In the event both celebrities appear at a function, Brown is to remain a certain distance away from her.

Rihanna chose not to testify during this case, in which I am extremely disappointed about. Sure, I'd love to hear the details of this heart-breaking case, but mostly I feel she is sending the wrong message to her fans. I want to see Rihanna take a stand (literally) for domestic abuse instead of hiding behind the curtain of the law. This is an opportunity to really make a difference to women everywhere and she has barely spoken a word about it.

What do you think? Was Chris Brown's sentencing fair? Should Rihanna have testified? Is this even any of our business?


Man said...

Man - 1
Women - 0

Libby said...

I think justice has been served. As far as it really can go without Rhianna testifying. she was the one who kept him out of jail. If she had testified he would of definiately seem jail time.

plus his career is over! so that is the sweetest justice of them all!

Man said...

Lol, Libby is dumb.

His career is far from over. He's 20 years old... Everyone will forget this.