Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Romantic or Sad?

Sir Edward Downes, one of Great Britain's most beloved music conductors, died last week at the age of 85. Downes died along-side his 74 year-old wife, Joan Downes. How? Joan, in her final stages of terminal cancer, and Edward decided to end their lives together by drinking “a lethal cocktail of barbiturates provided by an assisted-suicide clinic” in Zurich, Switzerland. According to family and friends, Edward did not want to live without his wife whom he had been married to for over 50 years.

"On Friday, the children said, they watched, weeping, as their parents drank a small quantity of clear liquid before lying down on adjacent beds, holding hands. Within a couple of minutes they were asleep, and died within 10 minutes,” reports The New York Times.

I find this story hearfelt. Are stories like these romantic or terribly sad? How do you feel about assisted-suicide?


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Marley said...

I don't know if romantic is the word I'd use but I definitely feel it's more that than sad. Can you imagine two people loving each other so much that they wouldn't want to spend a day in this life without them? I think it's extremely heartfelt and rare these days