Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Positive Recap!

I have been having a "blah" week. I feel very emotionally and physically burnt out these last few days.

Taking a cue from my lovely friend Amy's recent blog, I decided to reflect on something positive. For instance, I am going to Busch Gardens this weekend (I love rollercoasters)! I'm also going to the Outter Banks in August and possibly to Dewey Beach for Labor Day weekend with some lovelies. Oh yes, and my one-year anniversary with Andrew is creeping up. Oh, and I had a very positive review at work recently.

I may be feeling "blah" recently but boy, I am a lucky girl for so many reasons. What are some positive things in your life? Pic: Me being pouty as a kid. Typical!


amy said...

lol, I love the photo!!! so cute :)

congrats on the rave review at work! you earned it girly!

and the 1 year anniversary with the mans? yay!! you must tell me what your plans/ideas are so i can think of some of mine!

Kelly Anne said...

When are you going to be in OBX? I'm here all summer!