Thursday, July 16, 2009


Do you guys remember Teddy Grahams? Seriously,
how delicious were those things? Dunkaroos were pretty
amazing too. What kid-snacks do you miss? How about
Capri Suns? Gushers? Polly-O String Cheese?


Marley said...

I love Teddy Grahams :-) and still occasionally buy Gushers! I'm curious as to why the Teddy in question is being cut in the stomach by a knife! Not that this was a childhood snack but it was a food I ate as a child...Vienetta. It was an ice cream loaf, I guess. but it was awesome!

Lew Feem said...

i STILL eat Teddy Grahams. lol. i used to love the crackers and cheese with the red stick for spreading.

grrrr said...

Damn. Too bad I still eat all of those, except Dunkaroos. hahah, the beauty of having little siblings. I haven't had Lunchables or Handi-Snacks in awhile though. Now those were awesome.

Amy said...

pizza god the fave.

2941 was good, i'm not sure if it still is since the original chefs left for INOX but i'm sure its still fabulous. I actually have a $25 gift cert so we should use it sometime!

loved coco sala when i went. great guy had a british accent or australian accent...super sweet and helpful but my other friend got poor service when she went as well!