Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cruise Countdown.

So, I'm leaving for a cruise in 12 days. Jealous? I have never
been on a cruise and have some idea of what to expect but...
For any of your jet set divas or gents out there who have been
on a cruise, do you you have any advice? What do I need to
bring (besides the obvious sunscreen, bathing suit, blah blah)?
What should I expect? Any suggestions are welcome!


Marley said...

Very jealous! Been on 3 cruises...make sure to keep tabs on how often you purchase drinks on your card. The only free drink is water. Sodas and alcohol cost extra but they make it so easy for you to charge it to your little member card. And then you pay it all at the end of the cruise.

May be a good idea to bring some playing cards as the days at sea can get a bit long. As well as the fact that finding an open lawn chair on the deck is near impossible!

You will have a great time!!

Kelly Anne said...

Haha, my only cruise was to Alaska, so I don't have the kind of advice you want! I second Marley's comment about drinks. Our line (Princess) had a flat rate you paid at the beginning for free Coke products the length of the trip, which worked for us, as we were teenagers and soda drinkers. Also, some cruises will have a "drink of the day" for free or at a discount, so keep an eye out for it. Have a blast!

Lew Feem said...

ugh... i am so jealous... but my advice is this: know your colors! lol. my new post might give you some insight on what to pack. lol.

Veronica Hohenstein said...
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Veronica Hohenstein said...

Oh my God, Lewis. You crack me up. Can't wait for your 'colors' post :)