Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Pays?

Poll: When you're out on a date with a guy who pays?

A) He pays every time like a gentleman.
B) We split it 50/50. Fairsy-squaresy.
C) Depends on who asked who on the date.
D) Other.

Does it matter who asked who? Does your/his financial situation
matter? Do the rules change if you've been dating for a while?
I'm in the 2009 mindset that 50/50 is fair. Chances are my date isn't
a millionaire so why should he pay every time? Although, for first dates
(assuming he asked me out) I think him offering to pay is a nice gesture.


Amy said...

first dates - he should pay of course. but after you guys have been dating awhile, i think its good to either take turns paying based on the amount of "who makes more." Like if the guy makes a whole lot more, it makes sense if he either pays more often or pays for the "bigger expensive dates"

With sean and i, i want to say he pays 2/3s of the time but when I pay - its not as often but enough and I do pay for the "more expensive" dinners sometimes if it's not a special occasion and I just wanna splurge knowing he can't :)

F.a.T said...

I think a guy should def pay on the first date if he asked her out. If the girl offers to pay her portion its cute, if she demands it, she's not interested (I would take it that way).

Once in a relationship I think you need to try and split things 50/50. Your both spending money on each other. Whats the difference between a meal and the movie ticket a week earlier?

Melanie said...

I agree with F.a.T - it's definitely chivalrous for a man to pay on the first date. If she demands to pay she's either a.) not interested or b.) too feminist to deal with.
After that it's 50/50 for the everyday stuff. Or, if it's an "event" whoever asks/plans the date should pay for it.

Libby said...

The guy should pay everytime ALL the time. We live in a age where manners don't matter and guys are allowed to ask woman for money, not hold the door, and then expect her to put out...
A gentleman will never have a lady reach for her wallet, it's just tacky. The guys doesn't have to take you to a 5 star restaurant, he should go somewhere he can afford, whether that be Hook or Applebee's, it doesn't matter. and if your man can afford to buy you a chicken quesadilla from Applebee's...honey get yourself a new man!

Jaimie said...

The guy should pay most of the time... thats the gentlemanly way. Now of course, the lady should offer to pay and should sometimes but def not 50%.

grrrr said...

i definitely agree that first dates, he should pay [assuming he really wants to keep me around]. i mean they're the ones trying to win the girls over, right?

and if you've been dating for awhile, the girl should be considerate and chip in if/when she can [but not more than 50/50].

option A would be nice, but having a gf can be expensive and not everyone can afford it. so unless they have a lot of money to throw around, which is not often the case with handsome/fun 20somethings, you might try to not go out as much or find more inexpensive dates.

Veronica Hohenstein said...

Very interesting comments, ladies and gents. I have no problem with a guy wanting to pay, however I wouldn't expect it everytime. I feel him offering to pay is more of a nice gesture than an expectation or standard. I think at my age my boyfriend/date/whoever would go broke if he paid for me all the time.