Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Power of Twitter.

A lot of my friends have recently been chatting about Twitter. "What is it?" "Why do I need one?" Well, the New York Times came out with a really interesting article today about Twitter and it's relevance to communication and how mega-powerful companies like Starbucks and Amazon are utilizing this tool.

"And over the weekend, Amazon.com learned how important it was to respond to the Twitter audience. After one author noticed that Amazon had reclassified books with gay and lesbian themes as “adult” and removed them from the main search and sales rankings, a protest broke out on blogs and Twitter. The company felt compelled to respond despite the Easter holiday, initially saying the problem was due to a “glitch in our system” but later blaming a “ham-fisted cataloging error” that affected more than 57,000 books dealing with health and sex," reports the article.

So, why do you need/want Twitter? Well, Twitter's co-founder says it best.

Twitter lets people know what’s going on about things they care about instantly, as it happens,” said Evan Williams, Twitter’s chief executive and co-founder. “In the best cases, Twitter makes people smarter and faster and more efficient.”

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