Monday, November 5, 2012

Sneak Peek: Mosaic District.

My neighborhood, Merrifield, has been undergoing some ma-jah changes 
over the last year. While the constant construction noise has been mind-numbing 
I am excited to see this drab, industrial area revamped. A new shopping plaza 
called the Mosaic District opened recently with a plethora of cute shops and 
restaurants; some of which have not opened yet. I decided to scope it out.

The most striking addition to this plaza is Angelika Film Center
which shows both mainstream and independent films.

 The inside of this theatre feels much more like an art gallery than a 
movie theatre. The scale of the building is beautiful and the opulent 
chandelier is certainly a reminder that this is no average movie spot. 
Their menu offers beer, wine, espresso, gourmet popcorn and other noms. 
The best part is that the tickets cost the same as Regal or AMC.

 Here is a photograph of the outside of the film center.

 Did I mention there is a Super Target? I have a bad problem 
of going to Target for toothpaste and leaving with an entire cart 
full of goodies. Oh, you too? Tar-jay, you sassy devil.

 I was pleasantly pleased with the addition of South Moon Under
which specializes in super trendy clothing and accessories.

Currently lusting over this from the store.

 Possibly the best addition is Lou Lou; the mecca for all accessories. 

 Word on the street (literally, the street) is that Urban Outfitters' classy, 
older sister Anthropologie will be opening on Black Friday.

 Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus is any fashion girls' dream. 
The racks are chock full of designers-galore. From Michael Kors to  
Tory Burch to Vivienne Tam and more. The best part is that these (pricey) 
designers are majorly discounted making them more reasonable.

  These leopard booties were $66.50 after a 30% discount.

The plaza will also be home to Matchbox Vintage Pizza, Cava Mezze 
Grill, Sweetgreen, Taylor Gourmet, Cyclone Anaya's, Empire Oyster 
House, and many other fun shops. Come visit, dolls!


Lana said...

Love the sneak peek. As a fellow (former) Merrifield dweller, I'm really excited to see how well this development turns out!!

Veronica said...

Thanks, Lana! Although the construction has been terrible (do they have to use a jack-hammer every Saturday morning?!) I know it will be worth it when it's completed. When you're back in the states you should check it out!

Sophia said...

Let's go shopping there soon, Ron! It's been eons since we went on a shopping trip together <3

Veronica said...

Sounds like a plan, Soph!