Monday, January 18, 2010

Where To?

I'm starting to get the wheels turning about my next vacation for this summer. Last summer's cruise was beyond amazing, but I'm looking to do something a bit more adventurous. In a perfect world, I'd go somewhere like Thailand but my allotted vacations days will not work for a trip, literally, around the world.

Criteria: 1) Somewhere not overly tourist-y. 2) Somewhere with lots of off-the-beaten path exploring!

Any suggestions?


Amy said...

i've been wanting to go to belize - definitely not an over-ly tourisit place and cheap of course. you can go see some mayan ruins, cave diving, and all that nature stuff.

Veronica said...

Ya know, we actually stopped by Belize on our trip and visited the Mayan ruins. The ruins were really fun but the country is SO poor and dirty :(

(At least what we saw anyways!)

Marley said...

Thailand would be amazing! Are you wanting tropical or something else? Alex and I are a bit "tropicaled" out so we are looking at Scotland! High on my list is also Greece