Saturday, January 30, 2010

V-Day Thoughts?

The big V-Day is just around the corner, folks. Crazy, right? What are your thoughts on this hyped "holiday?" Will you be spending time with your honey? Drowning your sorrows with cheap wine? Ignoring V-Day completely? Spending time with friends over dinner? As manufactured as this day might be, I think it's a nice excuse to tell the people you love (friends, family, significant others) how special they are. Hey, I'm a Libra. We love love. Like, a lot.

Speaking of love, above are some of my favorite movie clips about the big L-word. My all-time favorite is here, though. Enjoy, dolls!

PS: Tom Cruise was so cute before he went nutso-bonkers, right?!


Sophia said...

umm.....i love these!

Lizzie said...

I will probably be drinking wine...probably not cheap (might as well spoil myself right??) I love love too!!! And the dirty dancing clip is BY FAR my favorite :-D

Veronica said...

Yes! I LOVED Johnny Castle. So hot!