Monday, September 7, 2009

New Boot(ies).

The cooler weather has got me thinking about fall fashion. I have a laundry list of things I'm eying for the cooler months, but new boots were definitely at the top of my list.

I found these beauties at DSW for under $50. Their platform makes them fairly comfortable too.

I got a fantastic structured 'boyfriend blazer' the other day from a consignment store and am now on the hunt for a really sexy leather jacket to wear over...well, anything!

What is on your wish list for this fall?


Marley said...

Boots like the ones I tried on at DSW but with a pointy toe...definitely on my wish list! Also got myself some great wide leg jeans; I love wide leg!

Looking forward to Wednesday!

Kelly Anne said...

I am all about plaid, it seems. I got a flannel shirt at Urban Outfitters that I ADORE. I've been looking for some tall, flat gray boots for over a year now. That won't break the (meager) bank, anyway. Wish I could rock booties like those!

Veronica Hohenstein said...

I have seen a TON of flat boots. In fact, DSW, Target and Payless all have 'em. And yes, I am all about the plaid. Super cute!

amy said...

ok i love those boots....HOTNESS.
my wishlist for fall:
-leather jackets (got those)
-more boots and booties!
-scarves (i have a few so maybe not)
-chunky jewelry (started getting into this so i'm a little late on the fashion with this)

grrrr said...

omg!!!! loooove the boot(ies)!!!!