Wednesday, January 14, 2009


If you've been to Rome in the last few years, then you've noticed the men dressed up as gladiators surrounding the infamous Coliseum. They haggle you, they yell for you to take a picture with them and then demand your euros. They're kinda cute, but it seems that Rome has had enough.

"Rome's city government has had enough. It has tried for years to crack down on the city's freelance gladiators — and has now decided that the best way to do that is to give travelers a more realistic experience. Umberto Broccoli, the recently named head of archaeology for Rome, is pushing ahead with a proposal to recreate gladiator battles in or near the Coliseum. Dressed in original costumes and carrying actual swords and tridents (unlike the plastic and aluminum toy replicas used by the current hustlers), well-trained gladiator actors will be choreographed to perform historically accurate battles..." says Jeff Israely of Time Magazine.

As somebody who was literally felt up by these imposter-gladiators, I will be relieved to see them go! Arrivederci!

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Anonymous said...

Ha...I was felt up by them too when I went to Rome a few years ago, but unfortunately never snapped a pic with them catching them in the act! I got one pic as I was walking away because they wanted my money...definitely wasn't giving them ANYTHING after they felt me up (even though I'm sure they felt like they got something...gross)!