Friday, December 19, 2008

I Just Fainted.

No, seriously.

Word on the street is that my favorite designer, a la Betsey Johnson, will be unveiling an affordable line at either Target or H&M.

CEO Chantal Bacon said, "Ms. Johnson is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with a retailer that will likely launch in the fall."

If you know me, you know I adore Betsey Johnson and her playful frocks (minus her Betseyville stuff). In fact, I am lucky to own one of her pieces myself. Betsey is making a smart move creating this affordable line, particularly during these difficult economic times. At $250-$400 a pop on average, it's just not practical to spend that kind of money (especially now).

I am just hoping that this inspires other top-name designers to follow suit. Target got it right years ago using Isaac Mizrahi and others like Luella Bartley. Check out Betsey's 'survival strategy' here.

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Anonymous said...

This makes me very excited. Let's buy some affordable Betsey Johnson clothes and see No Doubt together!!! This future that is about to happen looks really promising...