Sunday, November 9, 2008


Absolute perfection.

I'm sorry, who said Kate was fat? Yea, NO.

Kate Winslet is an absolute vision on the December cover of Vanity Fair magazine. I have been a big fan of Kate ever since her days in Titanic. The media has always been very critical of Kate's weight and frankly, I have never understood why. Since when is not being a size zero considered 'fat' or 'heavy?'

Katie Winslet is sexy, well-spoken, and intelligent; the perfect representation of women today. As the youngest actress to be nominated for five Oscar nominations, she is on her way to a sixth nomination with Revolutionary Road, a new movie featuring she and Leonardo DiCaprio (heaven)! I love the theme of the movie; challenging the status quo.

Check out Revolutionary Road's new trailor below!

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Katie :) said...

omg this movie look FAB! and Kate winslet looks amazing. i didn't even recognize her! love the post, and thanks for your words on my blog! muah :-*