Monday, November 3, 2008

Safe Sex Revamped

Safe sex is important, no doubt. But, some other countries don't place as much of an emphasis on safe sex as they should. Here are some interesting ways others are spreading the word.

1. Bill and Melinda Gates of all people have donated money to India for a national condom ring tone. Listen here.

2. In Ethiopia, condoms are very unpopular because of the smell of latex. However, coffee is very popular in Ethiopia. So, DKT International has created coffee smelling (and tasting!) condoms. Yeowza!

3. Western Australia has an extremely high HIV rate. Public health nurses have starting places condom canisters under trees. About 3,000 condoms are taken each month.4. Argentina has favored a more morbid (and perhaps realistic) approach; positioning skeletons having sex to emphasize the severity of HIV.

Happy sex'ing! Just make it safe!

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