Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ode to Men's Fashion. Suits in Particular.

Fashion Week has come and gone and I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the men's
fashion. So many men, so little time. Nothing makes my knees weak like a well-dressed man.
No point to this picture, other than to
oggle this man-candy. You're welcome.
Tip: If you have a body like this, don't ever
wear clothes. Ever. Seriously.
Boxers by D&G.

So Parisian and amazing! Suffice it to say,
I don't know too many straight, American men
outside of NYC who would wear this. Too bad.
Tip: The days of not mixing brown and
black are out. Tricky, but do-able.
Suit by Trussardi.

This suit is so modern and sleek. I love
the use of white and the small embellishment
on the tie. Nice touch. Tip: Baggy pants are
usually not flattering. They shouldn't blow in
the wind like scarf. Be weary of bagginess!
Suit by Viktor and Rolf.

I really enjoy the casual, yet still dressed-
up look to this outfit. Tip: Although I am digging
this 50's-esque hair in a runway context, I would avoid
hair like this to stay modern.
Outfit by Tim Hamilton.

I have a thing for skinny-ties. Sure, not everybody
can pull them off but this model definitely can.
Tip: Single-breasted and one-button jackets like this
one fit better on men with slimmer statures.
Suit compliments of D&G.

Yes, Yes, Yes! I love everything about this
suit; from the bow-tie, to the slim-cut pants, to
adorable 'nerdy glasses.' Tip: Avoid more than one
pleat because it'll make you look 'pouchy.'
Suit by D&G.


amy said...

definitely letting sean read this. hahha.

Katie said...

YUM YUM YUM!!! is ALL I have to say ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh! yes please!

I'm just about to buy a nice suit for my hubby from the BHS Sale, what do you reckon to:

plain black

black with stripes