Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader Runs for President. Again.

Ralph Nader is entering the presidential race, according to a CNN article.

This is certainly not the first time Nader has decided to enter the race to the White House. In fact, this will be Nader's sixth time running.

Not surprisingly, Clinton and Obama have plenty to say about this new development.

"He thought that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush and, eight years later, I think people realize that Ralph did not know what he was talking about," Obama said.

Similarly upset, Clinton also chimed in. "I remember when he ran before. It didn't turn out very well for anybody -- especially our country."

As somebody who is not likely to win the next seat in the White House, what exactly is Nader's motive?

In June 2007, Nader was quoted as saying, "you know the two parties are still converging- they don't even debate the military budget anymore. I really think there needs to be more competition from outside the two parties."

Regardless of your feelings about Ralph Nader, I think we can all agree that Nader is definitely aiming to stir things up. For better or worse.

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