Monday, February 18, 2008

Huckabee's Welcome Worn Out!

Huckabee is one determined Presidential-hopeful. And when I say "determined" I mean tired and dense.

The race to become the next Republucan presidential nominee is over. Well, almost. Gov. Mitt Romney has recently endorses Sen. John McCain, leaving Huckabee with the odds (very) against him.

A CNN article written by Candy Crowley quotes Huckabee.

"Now, the question is, do they go to the most conservative person, the person who believes in the Human Life Amendment, the person who wants to make sure that we don't raise taxes, who has signed the no-tax pledge?" asked Huckabee.

The GOP has pressured Huckabee to step down. Apparently, he hasn't taken the hint. It's over, Huckabee. Go back to Arkansas.


Anonymous said...

so many of my friends absolutely love Huckabee and have told me over and over again to support him. Poor guy!!! I guess this race isn't meant for everyone! :/ haha
P.S. thanks for finding me!

warriorwriter said...

I wonder if he'll play spoiler as a third-party candidate in the vein of Ross Perot. His decision to do so would really harm McCain's chances of winning against a unified Democratic party.