Sunday, July 7, 2013

National Aquarium Adventure.

I convinced Andrew to fulfill my 3rd grade fantasies and 
accompany me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

 I guess I'm just a kiddo at heart because I was pretty excited.

 Oh, did I mention how much I love sharks? Like, a lot

 The Jellies Invasion exhibit was one of the best. 

 This cute starfish reminded me of Peach from Finding Nemo
In fact, I actually heard kids ask where Nemo was in the exhibit 
with the clownfish. Ah, the power and influence of Disney! 

 And now the main attraction (for me)...  

 The sharks were so brooding.

 Colorful jellyfish art installation

The day's finale was the dolphin show 
which was, of course, adorable. 

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Marley said...

I love the National Aquarium! Such a good hot day activity

Veronica said...

Exactly! It was blazing hot outside so it was a nice escape in the AC!