Thursday, May 9, 2013


Well, hello there. It’s been ages, I know.

I desperately needed to take a break from this blog for a while. In early February I tragically lost my brother, John. Losing a loved one is like having the rug swept out from under you. It is equal parts shocking and sorrowful. Life has been so different since that day. There is a sadness that hangs over me like a dark, obscure cloud. Life, however, keeps moving. Although the tragedy never goes away you begin to learn to cope and move forward - or at least I am trying to. 

What is beautiful is the amount of love and strength felt from others. My heart is so full of love from family, friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances. What is beautiful is the capacity to love one another and relate and sympathize on the most basic human level.

I am reminding myself every day how much he loved me and how much I loved him, and how that love doesn't dissolve in silence or death.

PS: Along with the theme of change you'll notice I changed my blog as well. Fresh start. I hope you like it. 

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Liz Dowling said...

You're so strong love bug!!