Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here, can you believe it? I hope you are enjoying the day with your loved ones and embracing the spirit of the holidays. Here are some Christmas-y posts to brighten your day:

The First Lady and their adorable pup, Bo, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas

Motorcyclists and citizens recently linked arms in the streets of Connecticut to block hateful, extremist group, Westboro Baptist Church, from protesting the Sandy Hook vigil last week. How awesome is that?

Oh my gosh, these stories made me tear up. Phew, hand me the Kleenex. 

Santa sightings around the world. 

Fruitcake taste test. Do people still buy these anymore? Apparently there are fruitcakes that actually taste good. Who knew?

Hate that sweater your Aunt Mildred bought you? Here's your guide to returning your gift with minimal hassle. Save. Your. Receipt. 

The North Pole and all it's wonder. 

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