Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wish List Part 1,539,095

This bed was made for love-making, baby.

How about some gin and tonics sitting in these chairs?

So, let's just pretend for a hot sec that I have thousands of dollars to spend on decorating my soon-to-be new apartment. I recently stumbled into Elegance Decor in Chantilly for work related purposes and immediately fell in love with their show room of furniture.

Think: Bachelorette pad/sexy/chic/modern/stylist.

I'll be taking donations for my new furniture.


Gino said...

I would totally have a G&T on that chair naked. If you recall from Sex and the City, it would be like: "We got kind of an ass-white couch situation here." Ha, I'm priceless. Or disgusting.


Veronica Hohenstein said...

I approve of your use of Sex and the City quotes.

A plus.