Friday, August 30, 2013

The Getaway.

I am a firm believer in the weekend getawayIt's my 
time to breathe, unwind and reflect. It's also my time 
to drink a lot of fabulous wine. Andrew and recently 
ventured to Charlottesville for exactly that.


 Flowers that were larger than my hands. Huge! 

 Enjoying himself at Blenheim Vineyards 
which is Dave Mathews' vineyard.

Soaking in the scenery at Trump Winery. I admit
that I wanted to hate the wine because, well, Donald
Trump is just awful. But dammit, the wine was delicious.

Ahh, the getaway. So crucial to my sanity! 

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Amy said...

Great pictures! What a nice weekend adventure. I love charlottesville. Girls trip next :)

Lana said...

Love these pics. Makes me want to schedule a trip to C-ville. Thanks for sharing!