Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Black Friday.

Take a look at Lil Kim's new album cover. Take a closer look.
Yep, that is the decapitated body of Nicki Minaj. And the album titled,
Black Friday? Yep, that's a play on Nicki's album titled, Pink Friday.
Look, we all know Lil Kim hates Nicki Minaj and fights between rappers is
nothing new (hello Biggie vs. Tupac, Jay-Z vs. Nas, Eminem vs. everyone) but
this is just gross. How about Lil Kim make a splash back into the limelight with
a great album instead of this? Just a thought. What do you think?


Erica said...

Is Lil Kim scared of some competition? I mean the last female rapper(s) that may have had a shot at owning the female rap crown was foxy brown/eve.

Veronica said...

If Lil Kim needs to pick fights to stay relevant, then that's not a good sign.