Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gaga Recap.

Ready for the concert! Regrettably, I wasn't able to do
a hair bow because I was having a dreadful hair day. Bummer.

Gaga just pulled these hidden pianos out of nowhere, including a car
on stage. She seriously rocked the piano; even with her shoes.

She had a lot to say about gay rights. "What am I supposed to do?
Prance around on stage in a bra and panties and not stand for anything?"

She did, in fact, prance around in a leather bra and panties.
Her body was sick. I mean, bounce-a-quarter-off-her-butt-sick.

Always the diva in her eccentric costumes.

Covered in "blood," of course.

Shooting fire out of her bra, naturally.

Some things I learned about Lady Gaga 1) She really, really loves her fans.
2) Home girl can sing like whoa. 3) Love her or hate her, she is totally
comfortable in her own skin and wants you to be comfortable in yours.
The message of the night was all about love and loving yourself.

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