Monday, May 17, 2010


Christina Aguilera has received a lot of criticism lately for allegedly copying Lady Gaga's style. I must admit "Not Myself Tonight" does have a lot of Gaga-esque qualities. But I've got to ask, is Christina copying Lady Gaga or is this style simply the new look of pop music these days? Miss Aguilera is certainly not pleased about the comparisons, as noted in her recent blog.

Check out this video comparison here.


Marley said...

If this is just the new "look" for pop, I fear for the future, HA! Do they actually show that on MTV? At this rate, sado-masochistic porn will readily be viewed on TV

Katie said...

Actually, I feel like this video was a tribute to all women of pop. She def had the Madonna ' human nature thin' goin on, and a bit of britney too, and def Gaga. I think that was the point of this whole video, 'not myself tonight.' It looks like copying, but I almost feel "Xtina" haha may have had something else in mind. However, if her whole image proceeds to carry on this way forthcoming, then I'll call her a copycat.