Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Tiger is More of a Cheat-ah!"

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you've heard about Tiger Woods' car accident and scandalous affairs. Turns out that Tiger has been a busy boy lately; jumping from city to city with various women at his beck and call (meanwhile his wife was pregnant). Now that the affairs are public knowledge, questions about Tiger and Elin's prenuptial agreement are called into question. The original prenup states that after 10 years of marriage Elin gets $20 million. Their prenup has now been revised and states that if Elin stays with Tiger she will immediately receive $5 million. In addition, it states that if Elin stays in the marriage for an addition 7 years that she will receive another $55 million. This agreement will, of course, include a nondisclosure agreement that will keep Elin quiet. Where's the fun in that?

But really, Tiger sounded awfully scared in his voicemail to his mistress. Was he scared of losing his wife or losing his money? And while I am all in favor or prenuptial agreements in certain situations, it's awfully sad that nowadays marriages are more like business transactions rather than matters of the heart. If I were Elin I would walk. Immediately. No amount of money would make me stay with such a pathetic excuse for a husband, even $80 million. Chances are if she leaves the marriage she will still receive a large amount of money, considering the divorce's circumstances.

What do you think? Should she stay for $80 million or walk? Is Tiger scared to lose his wife or his money?

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Amy said...

she should walk but not before beating his ass with that golf club. take the money and rip him a new asshole!