Monday, November 23, 2009


I had the pleasure of eating at Eatonville in DC recently before a concert nearby at the 9:30 Club. I had heard good things about this new restaurant and was eager to try its Southern fare.

My first impression of Eatonville is the beautiful, quirky decor. The space itself is very large, but not overwhelming. Large, colorful murals decorate the walls and extravagant chandeliers hang from the ceilings.

Once seated you can't help but sit for a few minutes to take in the vibrant, unique atmosphere. Out waiter, Adam, arrived to take our drink orders and make several recommendations. My often indecisive boyfriend was unsure about which beer to order after his favorite was out of stock (bummer), so our waiter brought out two large tastings of beer. The chosen beer was a maple ale which tasted like, no joke, toasted marsh-mellows. It was heaven, and this is coming from a non-beer drinker. I ordered a Southern peach tea, which was heaven as well. The drink was perfectly mixed, with a tasty combination of peach whiskey, tea and lemonade.

For our meal I chose the crispy chicken, mashed potatoes and collard greens. My boyfriend, a tad reluctant once he found out it was a meatless dish, ordered the mushroom loaf, mashed potatoes and crispy brussel sprouts.

Our meal was very tasty. The crispy chicken was scrumptious, however both of our mashed potatoes were lackluster. His mushroom loaf (much like meatloaf) was delicious, with a spicy, tomato-based sauce on top. Overall, our meal was very good. My only complaint would be that the mashed potatoes were oddly plain, and the service was a bit on the slow side. Needless to say, we didn't seem to mind too much as our conversation, amazing drinks and the lively atmosphere were enough to keep us happy and entertained. I would highly recommend this U Street area restaurant for anybody with an affinity for Southern food and friendly service.

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