Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"I Cheated!"

Just down the street from my job this morning was a gentlemen carrying a sign that read, "I CHEATED. THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT." Centreville resident William Taylor cheated on his wife. When she found out she decided to seek revenge by having her cheating hubby stand outside in rush out hour doting his sign.

Check out the video of Taylor. His expression says it all.

Does the punishment fit the crime? Is this enough punishment for committing adultery? Do you feel sorry for him or is this comical?

Picture from Fox 5.

Update: William Taylor is not his real name, nor does he live in Centreville. He's been holding this sign since Monday and will be done with his duty on Friday! What a week!

Update 2: This was all a hoax set up by Hot 99.5 to see what kind of media attention it got. Well, it worked. Even MSNBC picked up this story. Goodness...

1 comment:

Keny Luger said...

Psssh. If my wife punished me like that and she could forget about it afterwards, I'd cheat every day and won't mind her knowing about it. At least she didn't cut something off.