Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lauren Conrad 70% Off and Still Overpriced!

I really have a beef with Lauren Conrad. The Hills starlet launched her own fashion line recently (strike 1) and it has taken a turn for the worse. Blogging fashionistas are hum-humming that her line is about to fold and her website's "70% Off" doesn't exactly help dispel those rumors.

Perhaps good ol' LC should have thought twice about pricing her "fashion line's" cotton, Forever 21-esque frocks at over $200.00 (strike 2). The sillouhettes are nice, the colors are whatever, but there is absolutely nothing remarkable or special about her clothing line (strike 3). I am actually offended that LC thinks she has enough "star-power" to charge the American public so much for dresses I could buy at H&M, Forever 21, or God forbid, Wet Seal.

Even at up to 70% most of her clothing is still over $100. Give me a break. If you are going to charge $200 for a dress, give me some silk, give me some amazing print, give me something interesting and unqiue!

LC, get over yourself. I'm happy that you are actually going to fashion school unlike some celebrities (cough Heidi Montag cough), but still!

Did anyone else notice that half of the models on her website look exactly like her? Or is that her? I can't even tell.

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Marley said...

They definitely look like her (creepy, I think)! And yeah, her stuff...nothing special.