Friday, September 12, 2008

(Fantasy) Birthday Wish List

Birthdays are fun. And so are (fantasy) birthday wish lists.

As always, my favorite dress
designer, Betsey Johnson, delivers.

Hanging lamp from Ikea. Hot.

Chandelier wall decal from Urban Outfitters. Cheeky.

Normally I wouldn't be going ga-ga over an Ikea mass-
produced print but I love, love, love this.

Behold! The Marc Jacbos "Mary" Bag. Usually the only
thing I like quilted is Chanel but I have been converted.

Update: I bought the Audrey print and the lamp. I'm naughty!


Amy said...

urban outfitters does have nice things for apartments :)

Lizzie said...

If I had the money, I'd get you every single one ;-)

Veronica Hohenstein said...

If I had the money I'd buy us an island and lots of hot island boys.