Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christian Siriano Wins On 'Project Runway'

For all of you fashionistas out there, you surely saw the finale of Project Runway. I was certainly not surprised that Christian Siriano won.

This 22 year old Annapolis native walked onto stage from day one with confidence and wow'ed the judges. He was gtiven $100,000 to start his own line as well as a magazine spread.

Past Project Runway winners such as Jeffrey Sebilia, Chloe Dao, and Jay McCarroll have not found success so easily.

The first season's winner, Jay McCarroll, had a hard time after winning the competition.

"He found out that The Weinstein Company owned 10% of whatever he created if he took the $100,000 prize. He didn't take the money, and now he's broke and doesn't really do anything for the network anymore, which hurts his images and brand (the clause is no longer in the show's contract). McCarroll doesn't even have a permanent home: "I haven't been living anywhere for two years...I sleep at other people's houses. I sleep here [a studio] if I'm drunk," said McCarroll in an article entitled "Project Runway winner slams Bravo."

Only time will tell if Siriano can turn his win into a future in fashion. Here's hoping this wanna-be can turn into a big-shot.

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